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          Company Profile

          Shandong Chengfeng Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., Ltd established in 2009, is a professional manufacturers of plastic packaging bottles and desiccants for medicine and dietary supplements. The company covers an area of 28,000m2, with floor area 16,000m2 . Among which 100,000-degree purification workshop area 6,000m2, the matching standard warehouse area up to 6,000m2, R&D and Inspection Center 300m2. The company located in Zibo City, a famous industrial city of LuZhong, the north connected to Qingyin expressway, and the west of BinLai expressway, transportation is very convenient.

          With our unremitting pursuit and sustained efforts, more and more famous enterprises recognise us and have built long-term cooperation with us. Currently, we have the following five business segments: HDPE bottle, PE bottle, PET bottle, imitation metal UV bottle cap and desiccants. 

          Sponsored by China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Ex···...
          Shandong Chengfeng Pharmaceutical Packaging Materials Co., L···...

          Cooperative Client

          佛山甲在建筑材料集团有限公司 植绒机有限公司| 随车吊北京有限公司| 淄博博迈陶瓷材料有限公司| 临淄区南王镇帅丰塑料厂| 吊环北京有限公司| 河北格汇智能科技发展有限公司| 瑞丰精密开关制品厂| 河北省巨兴工业泵厂| 香港进口轴承(江门传件)有限公司| 排灌机械有限公司| 404 146 133 548 934