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        3,3'-dimethylbiphenyl-4,4'-diyl diisocyanate

        Common name: 3,3'-dimethylbiphenyl-4,4'-diyl diisocyanate (TODI)

        Molecular formula: C16H12N2O2

        Molecular weight: 264.29

        CAS No: 91-97-4

        Physicochemical properties: white solid particle at normal temperature. Flash point: 218 °C, melting point: 70-72 °C, boiling point: 195-197 °C (667Pa), relative density (80 °C): 1.197 g/cm3

        Quality index: content≥ 99.0%

        Uses: intermediate

        Packing: 40KG fiber drum lined with aluminium foil.

        Storage and transportation: keep in cool and dry warehouse. To protect from fire and heat sources


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