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        Octadecyl Isoayanate

        Name: Octadecyl Isoayanate

        Molecular Formula: C19H37NO

        Structure: CH3-(CH2)17-NCO

        Molecular Weight: 295.49

        CAS NO: 112-96-9

        Property: Yellowish, slight cloudy liquid. Boiling point: 172-173 °C(5mmHG) , relative

        density: 0.86(20°C), flash point:148°C . Melting point:15-18 °C

        Specification : Content ≥ 99%

        Use: For the auxiliary material of wool textile softener, and the intermediate of synthetic acids.

        Package: 180kg in Galvanized iron drum and final encapsulation.

        Storage:To be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place. Be kept away from fire, moisture and sunshine. It should also be separated from oxidant, acid, alkalis when stored.


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